A Vermont Romance

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A Vermont Romance poster

Technical Specs

  • Length
  • Release Date
  • Shot in Vermont
  • Locations
    Burlington, White River Junction, Berwick Hotel, Rutland Lake Memphremagog Hotel Vermont, Burlington Hotel Van Ness, Burlington Burlington Railroad Station Streets of Burlington Battery Park, overlooking Burlington railyards O. L. Hinds Co., Burlington Clarendon Gorge Vermont Baking Co., White River Jct. Fairbanks mansion, St. Johnsbury
  • Master Format
    16mm film, 2K digital file
  • Shooting Format
    35mm film
  • Digitized
  • Yes, 2K

  • Repository
    Vermont Historical Society, Vermont PBS, VTIFF/VAMP Archive
  • Transcripts
  • Subjects
    romance baking working girls

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