Film Title Year Genre Length
The $300 House Project 2012 6mins
100: Head/Heart/Feet 2012 Sports/Recreation, Documentary 1h 42mins
11 Paper Place 2014 Documentary, Animation 6mins
The 14th Star: Parts I & II 1977 Documentary, Educational, History 1h 0mins
14th Street Fire 1983 Social Issue, Documentary
18 Year Old Vote in Vermont 1971 Public Affairs, Social Issue 1h 0mins
The 1975 United States Ski Jumping Championships 1975 Sports/Recreation 1h 0mins
21 Up America 2006 Documentary, Biography 1h 39mins
40,000 Acres, with View 1984 Environment, Sports/Recreation
7 to 10 Days 2004 Fictional, Medical/Health 1h 20mins
The Abenaki Of Vermont: A Living Culture 2001 30mins
Abenaki Tribal Recognition legislative process, 2008-2010 Cultural, Documentary
The Able's House is Green 2003 13mins
AboutFace Documentary, Web Series
Across The Road 2012 Student Film, Documentary 6mins
Act Against Violence: Help Wanted 1996 Social Issue, Public Affairs, Educational 2h 0mins
Act of Faith: The Making of Disappearances 2006 Documentary 31mins
Adoption in Vermont 1980 Public Affairs, Social Issue 30mins
Africa Search for Shelter Documentary 20mins
Africa Search for Shelter: Case Studies Documentary 44mins
Africa Search for Shelter: Squatter Settlements in Port Sudan Documentary 11mins
Africa Search for Shelter: The John Howard Compound Documentary 8mins
African Dance: Jeh Kulu performaces, Richard Gonzales, Anancy the Crab, 1990's
After The Fog 2007 Documentary, Public Affairs 1h 10mins
After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands 2011 22mins
Air 2016 Fictional 37mins
All About the Base 2015 Music Video
All of Me 2016 Documentary
All the Wonders 2014 Fictional 7mins
Allstate Music Festival 1971 Educational, Cultural, Dance, Performance, Musical

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