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Feast in the Making

Genre: Television Series

Full Description

Feast in the Making is a six-episode series focused on the chef and farmer relationship in Vermont. These programs introduce viewers to the diversity of Vermont growers and producers. We’ll meet local growers, farmers and cheese makers among others, who create the ingredients that are reinvigorating Vermont cuisine. We also visit local chefs who have made a commitment to cooking with local ingredients at their restaurants and discover what it means to them and their customers. Host Sean Buchanan guides us through this culinary adventure and shows us just how easy it is to buy local.

Cast & Crew

Sean Buchanan
Sean Buchanan Host
Wendy Erikson
Wendy Erikson Videographer, Audio
Larry Evans
Larry Evans Editor
Vince Franke
Vince Franke Videographer, Audio
Neil Hilt
Neil Hilt Series Producer, Videographer, Audio
Ed Lalonde
Ed Lalonde Videographer
Roxie Lauer
Roxie Lauer Graphics
Chris McClure
Chris McClure Audio
Keith Swann
Keith Swann Graphics
Peter B. Wilder
Peter B. Wilder Music

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