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Genre: Cultural, Magazine, Television Series

Full Description

Vermont's public television magazine is a fast-paced, upbeat showcase for and about Vermont. The series focuses on the positive aspects of life in Vermont. Topics include profiles of distinctive Vermonters and their lifestyles, explorations into businesses and industries around the state, historical happenings in Vermont, and examples of everyday folks who happen to be involved in interesting projects or events.

Cast & Crew

Patricia Braine
Patricia Braine Producer
Alan Campbell
Alan Campbell Director, Production Supervisor
Scott Campitelli
Scott Campitelli Producer, Editor, Audio, Production Assistant
Ron Clark
Ron Clark Videographer
Annie D'Alton
Annie D'Alton Graphics
Enzo Di Maio
Enzo Di Maio Producer, Executive producer, Series Producer, Host
Althea Eaton
Althea Eaton Staff Assistant
Larry Evans
Larry Evans Editor
Dan Harvey
Dan Harvey Director, Editor
Neil Hilt
Neil Hilt Producer
Ken Horseman
Ken Horseman Executive producer
Ed Lalonde
Ed Lalonde Producer
Roxie Lauer
Roxie Lauer Graphics
Joe Merone
Joe Merone Director
Mark Mohrmann
Mark Mohrmann Technical Supervisor
Kelly Pierpont
Kelly Pierpont Producer
Jeff Poister
Jeff Poister Producer
Michael Sacca
Michael Sacca Producer
Chris Sariego
Chris Sariego Producer
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Jeremy  Siegrest-Jones poster
Jeremy Siegrest-Jones Producer

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