Saving Our Waters

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Saving Our Waters

Genre: Documentary, Educational, Environment, Nature

Full Description

Saving Our Waters, is comprised of thought-provoking short documentaries covering steps toward keeping our waterways clean; the impacts of phosphorus and other contaminants; and using the science behind the issues to derive solutions that have positive impact on our communities. Featuring interviews with scientists, citizens, farmers, business owners, and dozens of other stakeholders, the series creates a comprehensive look at the health of the entire watershed of the lake, which encompasses approximately 40% of the state. Saving Our Waters aims to examine the state of the Lake Champlain Basin today with an eye toward practical solutions to keeping Vermont’s waterways clean in an age of extreme weather events. Major funding for this series was provided by Vermont EPSCoR.


Winner of a 2018 New England Emmy Award - in the Environmental category


Major funding provided by Vermont EPSCoR

Cast & Crew

Randall Barrett
Randall Barrett Videographer
Kyle Blair
Kyle Blair Graphics
Scott Campitelli
Scott Campitelli Executive producer
Wendy Erikson
Wendy Erikson Videographer
Vince Franke
Vince Franke Producer, Videographer
David Littlefield
David Littlefield Videographer
Josh Sicard
Josh Sicard Editor, Videographer
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson Editor
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Fran  Stoddard poster
Fran Stoddard Associate producer

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