The Local Motive

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The Local Motive

Genre: Documentary, Educational, Environment, Television Series

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The food we eat must come from somewhere. Our grandparents' generation knew where their food came from but, today, food is much more readily available and commonly delivered through a vast, global industrialized system. Seasonality is less a factor in our daily diets, and doesn't always affect availability or affordability. While this miracle of industrialization allows for a more diversified diet and a great deal of cheap food, one cost of these innovations has been the connection between consumers and the people who produce their food. The Local Motive is an opportunity to change that.


Nominated for a New England Emmy Award - in the Informational/Instructional category

Cast & Crew

Benjy Adler
Benjy Adler Executive producer
Holt Albee
Holt Albee Editor
Randall Barrett
Randall Barrett Videographer, Audio
Kyle Blair
Kyle Blair Graphics
Scott Campitelli
Scott Campitelli Executive producer
Michael Cyr
Michael Cyr Associate producer
Hayes Dunlap
Hayes Dunlap Host
Scott Esmond
Scott Esmond Editor
Neil Hilt
Neil Hilt Videographer
Ed Lalonde
Ed Lalonde Videographer
Josh Panda
Josh Panda Music
Julian Rodier
Julian Rodier Videographer
Jennifer Sensenich
Jennifer Sensenich Videographer
Josh Sicard
Josh Sicard Editor
Jaime Williams
Jaime Williams Producer, Editor, Videographer
Juleen Wong
Juleen Wong Graphics
Teo Zagar
Teo Zagar Videographer

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