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Genre: Cultural, Documentary, Interview, Television Series

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Vermont is a state that supports a culture of innovation, generating creative thinkers and doers around every corner – and the technology realm is no exception. InnoVaTe, is a series that explores and celebrates Vermont’s innovator culture. It’s hosted by nationally recognized social media professional Victoria Taylor, whose engaging, personal style opens up thought-provoking conversations with some forward-thinking Vermont entrepreneurs – making invention and innovation approachable and exciting, and highlighting Vermont’s creative culture. Through InnoVaTe, you’ll get to know some truly original Vermonters – like these folks who are pushing high-tech in new directions and putting Vermont business and creativity on the map.

Cast & Crew

Holt Albee
Holt Albee Editor
Randall Barrett
Randall Barrett Videographer
Kyle Blair
Kyle Blair Graphics
Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn Executive producer
Gordon Glover
Gordon Glover Graphics
Holly Groschner
Holly Groschner Executive producer
Aron Meinhardt
Aron Meinhardt Editor
Jennifer Rutherford
Jennifer Rutherford Co-Producer
Josh Sicard
Josh Sicard Editor, Videographer
Jeff Wager
Jeff Wager Director, Producer

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