film by subject: 'earth and environment' Title Year Genre Length
7 to 10 Days 2003 Fictional, Medical/Health, Animation, drama 1h 20mins
A Calf Grows Up: The Story Of Vermontica, Her Family and Friends 1992 Documentary, Educational 35mins
A Conversation with Justice Douglas 1968 Biography, Educational, Interview 1h 0mins
A River of Milk 1972 Documentary, Educational 27mins
A Special Report on Vermont Water Pollution 1968 Documentary, Environment, Educational, Interview 30mins
A Thousand Hills 1970 Documentary, Educational, Environment 20mins
The Abenaki Of Vermont: A Living Culture 2002 Cultural, History, Ethnographic 28mins
And the Water Came Down From the Hills... 1972 Documentary, Environment, Educational, History 24mins
Best Day Ever: Forest Days in Vermont Kindergartens 2017 Documentary 15mins
Birding in Vermont 2006 Documentary, Environment, Nature 50mins
Blueprint for Survival 1972 Educational, Environment 30mins
Burned: Are Trees the New Coal? 2017 Documentary
Can Vermont's Small Lakes Be Saved? 1978 Documentary, Public Affairs, Environment, Interview 1h 0mins
Can We Keep It Clean? 1979 Public Affairs, Environment 30mins
Change & Challenge: Vermonters at Work 1996 Educational, Environment, History, Social Issue 56mins
Changing Landscapes: Vermont's Past Century 1999 Educational, History, Interview, Documentary 1h 0mins
Chester Grimes 1971 Documentary, Ethnographic 32mins
Choosing Our Tomorrows 1971 Documentary, Educational, Environment 24mins
Conservation of Vermont's Natural Resources 1969 Environment, Educational
Corn for Grain 1969 Educational
The Environment Quiz 1990 Public Affairs, Environment, Interview 58mins
Faces of Change - Afghanistan Series - An Afghan Village 1974 Ethnographic 44mins
Faces of Change - Afghanistan Series - Wheat Cycle 1975 Ethnographic 16mins
Faces of Change - Bolivia Series - Potato Planters 1974 Ethnographic 17mins
Faces of Change - Bolivia Series - Viracocha 1974 Ethnographic 30mins
Farm Problems 1969 Environment, Interview
Farm Stories for Families with Mac Parker 1999 Performance, Children's 1h 0mins
Germination Educational, Nature
Global Equilibrium - The Limits to Growth 1972 Social Issue, Environment 1h 0mins
The Hike 2018 Fiction, drama 24mins

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