film by genre: Biography Title Year Genre Length
A Band Called Death 2012 Documentary, Biography, Music 1:36
A Conversation with Elizabeth Deane 1992 Documentary, Biography, Interview, History :27
A Conversation with Justice Douglas 1968 Biography, Educational, Interview 1:00
A Prophet From Vermont 1972 Documentary, Biography, History :30
Anna Nicole Smith: Addicted to Fame 2012 Documentary, News story, Biography, Comedy 1:29
The Art of Luigi Lucioni 1969 Art, Biography, Documentary :29
As The Twig is Bent 1988 Interview, Cultural, Biography :28
Coming Through The Rye 2015 Fictional, Biography 1:30
Edsel the Blind Mechanic 2013 Biography, Documentary :06
The Elephant in the Room Biography
Grace 2010 Biography :51
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train 2004 Biography, Interview 1:18
Interview with Patrick Leahy for Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie raw footage 2008 Documentary, Biography, Interview, Raw footage
Justin Morrill: Victorian Gentleman 1998 Documentary, Biography, Educational, History :24
Kenneth Peck's raw footage and outtakes of his piece on Phil Hoff and Ivan Plouffe for Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie 2010 Documentary, Biography, History, Raw footage
Land For Learning: Justin Morrill and America's Land Grant Colleges 1997 Documentary, Biography, Educational, History :57
Leahy First Campaign for Senate 1974 Documentary, Biography, Promotional film :30
The Naked Hitch-Hiker 2006 Biography, Animation :29
René Lévesque: A Portrait of Independence 1978 Documentary, Public Affairs, Biography, Interview :59
Susan Bettmann's raw footage and outtakes for Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie 2009 Documentary, Biography, Cultural, Raw footage, drama
Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and the Rise of Broadcast News 2018 Biography 1:25
Welcome to Vermont raw footage and outtakes 2011 Documentary, Social Issue, Biography, Educational, News story, Raw footage, folk traditions, International

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