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Vermont This Week

Genre: Television Series

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Since 1982 Vermont This Week has been the signature public affairs series of Vermont PBS. Jack Barry launched the program to give print reporters a chance to reach our TV audience. It was modeled after Washington Week, which also featured only print reporters at the time. When Jack retired in March 1992, Chris Graff became host. The series is now moderated by Stewart Ledbetter, who is joined each week by three of Vermont's most insightful journalists to discuss not only what happened and when but more importantly... the reasons why.

Cast & Crew

Holt Albee
Holt Albee Director, Producer, Camera
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Jack  Barry poster
Jack Barry Producer, Series Producer, Host
Kyle Blair
Kyle Blair Graphics
Scott Campitelli
Scott Campitelli VP, Content
Dorothy Dickie
Dorothy Dickie Producer
Glenn Dudley
Glenn Dudley VP, Engineering
Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn Director, Production Manager
Scott Esmond
Scott Esmond Director
Judy Gordon
Judy Gordon Production Associate
Chris Graff
Chris Graff Host
Holly Groschner
Holly Groschner President/CEO
Dan Harvey
Dan Harvey Director, Production Manager
Neil Hilt
Neil Hilt Director
Cece Irish
Cece Irish Video
Matt LaRocca
Matt LaRocca Music Composer
Roxie Lauer
Roxie Lauer Graphics
1 photo
Stewart  Ledbetter poster
Stewart Ledbetter Host
David Littlefield
David Littlefield Camera
Andrea Melville
Andrea Melville Camera
Joe Merone
Joe Merone Director, Producer
Dave Rice
Dave Rice Engineering
Josh Sicard
Josh Sicard Audio, Camera
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson Director, Production Manager
Keith Swann
Keith Swann Producer
Vermont Symphony Orchestra
Vermont Symphony Orchestra Music Performance
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor Camera, Audio
Stephen Weigel
Stephen Weigel Engineering, Camera
Sarah Wentworth
Sarah Wentworth Camera

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