Film Title Year Genre Length
American Gun 2002 Fictional, drama, Suspense 1h 29mins
Ancient Vermont: Portrait of an Academic Controversy 1978 Cultural, History 44mins
And the Water Came Down From the Hills... 1972 Documentary, Environment, Educational, History 24mins
The Animal 1976 Avant-garde, Experimental 1h 15mins
Anna Nicole Smith: Addicted to Fame 2012 Documentary, News story, Biography, Comedy 1h 29mins
Anne Macksoud's Change The World Kids_footage & Outtakes_ for Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie 2009 Documentary, Young Adult/Teen, Activism
The Apartment 2000 Comedy 5mins
Approach 1980 Experimental 6mins
Approaching the Elephant 2014 Documentary 1h 29mins
Arachnia 2003 Horror, Science Fiction/Fantasy 1h 22mins
Art and Soul 2009 Documentary, Cultural 40mins
The Art of Luigi Lucioni 1969 Art, Biography, Documentary 29mins
As The Twig is Bent 1988 Interview, Cultural, Biography 28mins
As We Were 2006 History, Documentary 20mins
Ask the Governor - May 2017 with Phil Scott 2017 Public Affairs, Interview 59mins
Ask Us Who We Are 2011 Social Issue, Documentary 1h 30mins
Awake 2016 Student Film, Animation 8mins
The Axe in the Attic 2007 Social Issue, Interview 1h 50mins
Baby Boom 1986 Comedy, Romance 1h 50mins
Bach Live! 1985 Cultural, Performance, Musical 2h 0mins
Background For Living 1950 Sports/Recreation, Promotional film 24mins
Bad Robbers 2016 Comedy
A Band Called Death 2012 Documentary, Biography, Music 1h 36mins
Barns: Legacy of Wood & Stone 2002 Cultural 1h 0mins
Barrio Logan Por Vida 1979 Documentary 30mins
Basin Harbor Resort films Documentary 20mins
The Battle of White Plains 2005 Cultural
Battle Rattle Experimental 20mins
BDRG: Boston Draft Resistance Group 1968 Activism 18mins
Because Of Mama 1991 Fictional 19mins

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