Film Title Year Genre Length
Cost of Care 1971 Medical/Health, Educational
Couragous Women of Columbia 1997 Activism, Documentary 24mins
Cow Power: The Film 2013 Social Issue, Documentary 55mins
Cowards 2001
The Crane
Cric, Crac 1978 Documentary
Da Speech 2003 Animation, Experimental 8mins
Dad's 50th Surprise Party 2016 Student Film, Fictional 9mins
Dairy Price Support Bill: The Vermont Impact 1984 Public Affairs, Interview 1h 0mins
Damage Control: Concussions in Vermont Sports 2013 Sports/Recreation, Medical/Health 57mins
Dancing With Our Ancestors; The W'abenaki Dancers 1997
Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World 2003 Documentary
Dark August 1976 Horror, Thriller 1h 27mins
Dark Legacy 2014 Horror, Fictional 7mins
David and the Kingdom 2018 Documentary 22mins
Dawn of the People 1983 Documentary 30mins
A Day with Clark Derbes 2011 Art, Documentary 6mins
The Dead Hate the Living 2000 Horror, Comedy 1h 30mins
Deadly Games of Revenge 2012 8mins
Dean and Me 2004 Documentary 1h 25mins
Deb Ellis' raw footage and outtakes from Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie 2008 Documentary, Adventure, drama, Raw footage
Dedication of Vermont Educational Television 1968 Documentary, Educational 1h 0mins
Deer Hunting in Vermont Mockumentary
Delivered Vacant 1992 Social Issue, Documentary 1h 58mins
Demo Rell 1995 Animation, Computer Graphics 10mins
Departed Harvest Thriller
Devotion 2003 Thriller 1h 20mins
Diamond Run 1996 Action 1h 50mins
Diaries 1976 Documentary 3h 20mins
Die Trappe Familie in Amerika 1958

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