Film Title Year Genre Length
Bread, Peter Schumann and Sourdough Rye Bread 2013 Documentary 40mins
Bridge of Fire 1992
Bridges 2014 drama, Fiction 1h 54mins
Brief Reunion 2013 Fictional 1h 28mins
Brother Bread, Sister Puppet 1992 Documentary 1h 20mins
Brothers 2019 1h 15mins
Brothers of the Gut: 50 Years of UVM Hockey 2014 Sports/Recreation, Documentary, History
Brush and Pen: Artists and Writers of the White Mountains 2011
Built in Blackout 1969 Documentary 1h 0mins
Bump in the Night 2018 Student Film, Fiction 8mins
Burgundy 2001
Buried Alive 1998 Documentary 52mins
Burned: Are Trees the New Coal? 2017 Documentary
The Burning of St Paul's Cathedral 1971 Documentary 13mins
Business Advice for Farmers
Cabot commercial 1h 30mins
A Calf Grows Up: The Story Of Vermontica, Her Family and Friends 1992 Documentary, Educational 35mins
Camp Killooleet footage Home Movie
Can Vermont's Small Lakes Be Saved? 1978 Documentary, Public Affairs, Environment, Interview 1h 0mins
Can We Keep It Clean? 1979 Public Affairs, Environment 30mins
Canada and the USA: A Discussion of Free Trade 1989 Public Affairs
Carol Street Social Issue, Cultural 15mins
Cartoon College 2012 Documentary, Cultural 1h 15mins
Castleton Videofest 2016 films 2016 29mins
A Cave You Fear To Enter 2019 6mins
Cecil 1970 Documentary 30mins
A Certain Kind of Man 2018 Fiction, Thriller, Crime, drama, Suspense 23mins
Champlain: The Lake Between 2008 Educational, Cultural, History, Documentary, Environment 57mins
Change & Challenge: Vermonters at Work 1996 Educational, Environment, History, Social Issue 56mins

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