Film Title Year Genre Length
Die You Zombie Bastards 2005 Comedy, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror 1h 37mins
Die-Cast Grills 1968 Experimental 15mins
Dim Stars 1999
Disappearances 2005 Action, Adventure 1h 58mins
Disarmament: The Question of Conversion 1980 Documentary 30mins
Discovering Lake Champlain 2003 Documentary, Environment, History, Nature 45mins
Divided by Diversity 2017 Social Issue, Documentary
Do Not Disturb 2014 Fictional 10mins
Dom's Bakery
Don't Leave me Hanging 2016 Comedy, Fictional 9mins
Don't Make Love to it, Andrew 2013 Student Film, Documentary 25mins
Don't Touch the Camera 2016 Student Film, Documentary 18mins
Doom Vibrations 2019 25mins
Doris Eddy 1986 Documentary 22mins
Down the Road 2005 Documentary 1h 34mins
Dr. Cook's Garden 1971 Thriller 1h 15mins
The Dragon Wall 2011 27mins
Drug Diversion In Vermont: When Helping Hands Harm 2006 Documentary 30mins
Dumping Lisa 2008
Duxbury Town Meeting: A Town Faces Change 1975 Documentary 28mins
A Dyslexic Family Diary 2000 Documentary 53mins
Edsel the Blind Mechanic 2013 Biography, Documentary 6mins
Efforts to remove a timbercrib dam in Warren Village 2003
Einstein's Miracle Year 2015 Documentary, Animation 5mins
Election '92: Students' Choice 1992 Public Affairs, Educational 4h 0mins
The Elephant in the Room Biography
Emerson String Quartet: Studio Session 1981 Documentary, Cultural, Performance, Musical
Encore! Vermont ETV at 21 1988 Cultural, Performance, Musical 58mins
The Environment Quiz 1990 Public Affairs, Environment, Interview 58mins
The Environmental Tourist 1993 Documentary 57mins

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