Film by genre: Environment Title Year Genre Length
40,000 Acres, with View 1984 Environment, Sports/Recreation
A Special Report on Vermont Water Pollution 1968 Documentary, Environment, Educational, Interview :30
A Thousand Hills 1970 Documentary, Educational, Environment :20
And the Water Came Down From the Hills... 1972 Documentary, Environment, Educational, History :24
Bill Stetson and Larry Robin's raw footage and outtakes for Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie 2008 Documentary, Environment, Activism
Birding in Vermont 2006 Documentary, Environment, Nature :50
Birdsong and Coffee: A Wake Up Call 2006 Environment, Documentary :56
Blueprint for Survival 1972 Educational, Environment :30
Can Vermont's Small Lakes Be Saved? 1978 Documentary, Public Affairs, Environment, Interview 1:00
Can We Keep It Clean? 1979 Public Affairs, Environment :30
Champlain: The Lake Between 2008 Educational, Cultural, History, Documentary, Environment :57
Change & Challenge: Vermonters at Work 1996 Educational, Environment, History, Social Issue :56
Choosing Our Tomorrows 1971 Documentary, Educational, Environment :24
Conservation of Vermont's Natural Resources 1969 Environment, Educational
Discovering Lake Champlain 2003 Documentary, Environment, History, Nature :45
The Environment Quiz 1990 Public Affairs, Environment, Interview :58
Farm Problems 1969 Environment, Interview
Global Equilibrium - The Limits to Growth 1972 Social Issue, Environment 1:00
Home Country 1972 Documentary, Educational, Environment :25
How Does Your Garden Grow? 1976 Environment, Educational, Musical
It's Fresh! 2013 Comedy, Environment :06
Jill Vickers and Kathie Wheatley's Freedom & Unity: raw footage and outtakes 2009 Documentary, Environment, Raw footage, energy
Lake Champlain Fish Hatchery? 1987 Public Affairs, Environment :58
Lake Champlain: Can We Live With It? 1976 Public Affairs, Environment, Educational :59
Lake Effect 2018 Environment :32
Land Use in Vermont 1969 Environment, Educational
Land Use Planning for Vermont 1971 Public Affairs, Environment, Educational
Legacy For a Small Planet 1980 Documentary, Environment, Educational :59
New England's Great River : Discovering the Connecticut 2003 Environment 1:00
Nuclear Power & The Environment 1969 Public Affairs, Environment

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