Film by genre: Cultural Title Year Genre Length
A Hard Look at Old Times 1986 Cultural, Performance, History 58mins
A Stranger in the Kingdom 1997 Fictional, Cultural 1h 52mins
A Tour of the Coolidge Homestead 1972 Documentary, Educational, Cultural, History 30mins
A Tribute to Big Joe Burrell 1996 Interview, Cultural, Music Video, Performance 1h 30mins
A Vermont Christmas 1988 Cultural, Performance, Musical 1h 0mins
The Abenaki Of Vermont: A Living Culture 2002 Cultural, History, Ethnographic 28mins
Allstate Music Festival 1971 Educational, Cultural, Dance, Performance, Musical
Ancient Vermont: Portrait of an Academic Controversy 1978 Cultural, History 44mins
Art and Soul 2009 Documentary, Cultural 40mins
As The Twig is Bent 1988 Interview, Cultural, Biography 28mins
Bach Live! 1985 Cultural, Performance, Musical 2h 0mins
Barns: Legacy of Wood & Stone 2002 Cultural 1h 0mins
The Battle of White Plains 2005 Cultural
Cartoon College 2012 Documentary, Cultural 1h 15mins
Champlain: The Lake Between 2008 Educational, Cultural, History, Documentary, Environment 57mins
Coat Factory 1983 Cultural, Documentary
Emerson String Quartet: Studio Session 1981 Documentary, Cultural, Performance, Musical
Encore! Vermont ETV at 21 1988 Cultural, Performance, Musical 58mins
The Excuse 1971 Cultural
Fiddling, Dancing, and Telling Stories 1983 Documentary, Educational, Cultural, Dance, Performance, Musical, History 1h 0mins
The First Step 1969 Documentary, Social Issue, Interview, Cultural 30mins
Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie: Part 1, "A Very New Idea" 2014 Documentary, Educational, Cultural 1h 22mins
Governor's Institute '84 1985 Documentary, Animation, Educational, Art, Cultural 28mins
Handmade in Vermont 1982 Documentary, Interview, Art, Cultural 29mins
Happy Birthday, Vermont ETV 1997 Documentary, Cultural, History 1h 0mins
Kali Yuga Chants 2018 Cultural, International 1h 31mins
Kilimanjaro Live! 1990 Cultural, Music Video, Performance 58mins
The Last Vaudevillian 1998 Cultural 30mins
Little Jersusalem: Burlington's Jewish Community 2012 Documentary, Cultural, History 1h 0mins
The Logger #1 1999 Cultural, Performance, Comedy 2h 0mins

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