Film Title Year Genre Length
Washington to Moscow 1984
Waterbuster 2006 Environment 1h 18mins
Way Down East 1920 Fictional 2h 25mins
We Are Small 2014 Fictional 11mins
Welcome Home 1988 1h 32mins
Welcome to Vermont
Whaddya Gonna do with All Those Zucchinis? 2015 Fictional 4mins
What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? 1970 Comedy 1h 25mins
What if You Couldn't Read 1980 Social Issue 28mins
What Lies Beneath 2000 Horror, Science Fiction/Fantasy 2h 10mins
What We Are Learning From Space 1968 Educational 1h 30mins
What We Want, What We Believe: The Black Panther Party Library 2006
Whatever happened to Baby Bear 2004 10mins
When Henry was little, mid 1990s
Where Did My Job Go? 2010 4mins
Where Do We Grow From Here? 1974 Public Affairs, Environment 2h 30mins
Where is Stephanie 1997 Crime 1h 0mins
Where the Red Blood Flows 2011 7mins
Where The Rivers Flow North 1993 Action, Fictional 1h 46mins
Where The Rivers Flow North: Behind the scenes Documentary 30mins
White Lies, Blue Dream Fictional
White Noise 1990 Animation, Computer Graphics 7mins
the Whitehouse 2000 Computer Graphics 15mins
Who Should Live, Who Should Decide? 1990 Public Affairs, Medical/Health 58mins
Wildlife Management Areas - Gems of Vermont 2017 Environment, Educational, Interview, Nature 57mins
William Sloane Coffin : A Lover’s Quarrel With America 2004 Interview 26mins
Willing Hands Feeding Hungry Neighbors Social Issue
Winner of discontent 2012 5mins
Winooski as it was
Winooski Live 30mins

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