film by subject: 'politics' Title Year Genre Length
18 Year Old Vote in Vermont 1971 Public Affairs, Social Issue 1:00
A Conversation with Elizabeth Deane 1992 Documentary, Biography, Interview, History :27
A Tour of the Coolidge Homestead 1972 Documentary, Educational, Cultural, History :30
Ask the Governor - May 2017 with Phil Scott 2017 Public Affairs, Interview :59
Canada and the USA: A Discussion of Free Trade 1989 Public Affairs
Constitution Town Meeting 1987 Public Affairs :58
Election '92: Students' Choice 1992 Public Affairs, Educational 4:00
Faces of Change - Afghanistan Series - Afghan Nomads: the Maldar 1974 Ethnographic :21
Faces of Change - Afghanistan Series - Afghan Women 1974 Ethnographic :17
Faces of Change - Kenya Series - Harambee: Pull Together 1974 Ethnographic :19
Faces of Change - Kenya Series - Kenya Boran - Part I 1974 Ethnographic :33
The First Step 1969 Documentary, Social Issue, Interview, Cultural :30
Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie: Part 1, "A Very New Idea" 2014 Documentary, Educational, Cultural 1:22
The Governor's Commission on Vermont's Future: A Public Hearing 1987 Public Affairs 1:30
Governors of Vermont on Vermont 1980 Public Affairs 1:30
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train 2004 Biography, Interview 1:18
Interview with Patrick Leahy for Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie raw footage 2008 Documentary, Biography, Interview, Raw footage
Justin Morrill: Victorian Gentleman 1998 Documentary, Biography, Educational, History :24
Kenneth Peck's raw footage and outtakes of his piece on Phil Hoff and Ivan Plouffe for Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie 2010 Documentary, Biography, History, Raw footage
Land For Learning: Justin Morrill and America's Land Grant Colleges 1997 Documentary, Biography, Educational, History :57
Land of Promise 1974 Documentary, Educational, History :42
Leahy First Campaign for Senate 1974 Documentary, Biography, Promotional film :30
Profile of Vermont's Future 2017 Public Affairs, Interview :52
Quebec and the Third Option 1978 Public Affairs, Interview :51
Quebec: The Economics of Change 1978 Public Affairs, Interview 1:00
Real War vs. Reel War: Fact, Fiction, and Film 1998 Documentary, Interview, War :57
René Lévesque: A Portrait of Independence 1978 Documentary, Public Affairs, Biography, Interview :59
Report From Montpelier 2017 Public Affairs :59
Rick Moulton's raw footage and outtakes for Vermont Republicans, in Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie 2009 Documentary
Rooted: Cultivating Community in the Vermont Grange 2018 History, Ethnographic :57

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